Who Gets A Commission On My Lottery Dream Home?

HGTV’s reality show “My Lottery Dream Home” is hosted by famous TV personality David Bromstad. It’s trendy thanks to the unique concept and high entertainment quotient it comes equipped with. 

The show invites lottery winners, and its host, David, takes them through several stunning properties that expert interior designers design. By the show’s end, the winners select one or other properties, and the whole journey of their selection and purchase is broadcasted on the channel. 

Do you think there will be commission imposed if someone wins this property as lottery?

Who gets the commission?

There is high anticipation about who gets the commission on the My Lottery Dream Home. While many think David Bromstad is the one who takes away the chunk of the commission in the show, others believe that the participating stakeholders, including the real estate developers, service providers, and other stakeholders, also get their share of money as part of the commission. 

There is no denying HGTV is making a lot of money from the My Lottery Dream Home. Of course, it can be debated whether the channel has cut money in the commission or not. Primarily, reality shows earn through sponsorship and advertisements, and some insiders speculate that the track also makes some money through the commission. 

Is David taking away most of the commission?

Keeping in mind the fundamental approach to making money in these reality shows, it can be safely concluded that the show host might be the largest beneficiary from the commission money. This will add to the amount that HGTV is offering to David for hosting the show and showing properties to the lucky couples who have been able to win lotteries. 

What about other Stakeholders? 

The partners involved in completing the interior design of the house, including placements of housewares, furniture, kitchenware, and other stuff, are also likely to be beneficiaries of the commission money distributed among the stakeholders. Still, there is no official announcement from the channel or the show’s host from which we can ascertain the exact amount of the commission and who all are the parties among which this particular commission is distributed in reality. These discussions are still part of the conjecture, and nothing can be said accurately about the commission money and its beneficiaries.  

Assumptions remain as there has been no formal announcement on the part of the channel regarding the matter. Maybe the host is the biggest beneficiary, but the stakeholders are profiting too. So it’s not just a single party at a profit. The only thing we can do is anticipate.

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