Odds Of Winning Omaze Sweepstakes Prizes

The fundraising platform Omaze is well known for its lucrative contests. On the platform, you can donate some money, and in return, you will receive a specific number of entries for participating in the contest. You can win a wide array of prizes in the contest – from automobiles to celebrity interactions and dream trips to spanky new houses. 

Odds of Winning Omaze

As millions of people participate in this contest, the odds of winning the Omaze contest are usually very low. However, with the help of statistics and a little research, you can calculate your odds of winning Omaze.

Here’s how you can do it: 

Before getting into the details, first, let’s understand the definition of odd. It is defined as the ratio of the probability of an event happening to its probability of not happening. In other words, it’s a ratio of attaining success to loss. 

For example, if you have entered 100 different contests and can win ten contests, then the odds of winning the contest in your case will be 10/90 = 1/9. However, in the case of a small number of events, just like we have in Omaze, it is better to talk in terms of probabilities rather than odds. For the example cited above, the probability of you winning the contest will be 10%. 

Can you win Omaze without Donating?

Yes, you can. As you know, you can enter the contest even without donating by clicking on the option “Enter Without Contributing.” Once you click this button, you’ll land on another page of “Alternative Method of Entry.”

As stated by Omaze in its official rules,

“Equality matters to us at Omaze: we use a system so that entries are treated equally. Each free entry is automatically assigned 2,000 entries (equivalent to the donation entries you get when you donate $100).

After about ten days of a campaign closing, the winner is chosen via an automated random drawing to select a potential winner. Thus, all entries stand on equal footing and have an equal chance of winning the sweepstake prize.

However, your chances of winning Omaze with a free entry are lower as you can get a maximum of only 2,000 entries assigned to your name. A donating user can get up to 6000 entries depending on the amount of donation made—the more the number of entries, the more the probability of winning.

Omaze Chances of Winning



It never publishes the odds, but you can estimate them. For example, if there is one large cash prize of $100,000 up for grabs and you, along with four other members, enter the contest. Therefore, there are five contestants, with you being one of them. When the contest closes, and the winner is drawn using a simple random number, your probability of winning the contest is 1/5 = 20%. 

  • If the number of people entering the contents is 50, then the probability of you winning the contents is 1/50 = 2% 
  • If the number of people entering the contents is 500, then the probability of you winning the contents is 1/500 = 0.2%
  • If the number of people entering the contents is 5000, then the probability of you winning the contents is 1/5000 = 0.02% 

The most critical question is determining how many people enter the Omaze contest. However, given that the company doesn’t disclose this figure, you will have to estimate the number of total participants and then calculate your odds of winning the contest. 


The odds of winning vary significantly across the many Omaze opportunities; overall, however, the odds are extremely low. So, if you win an Omaze opportunity, it will be a huge surprise and an incredible thrill. 

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