CharityStars Review – Is it legit?

Charity Stars is a crowdfunding platform that allows companies to run fundraising campaigns and fulfill their social responsibilities. It raises funds through auctions, sweepstakes and campaigns. It offers sweepstakes for various causes in return for a chance to win a prize or an experience.

While the offers seem alluring, you must be wondering if you can trust this company with your money. Well, in this post, we have explained in brief why you should or why you should not donate your hard-earned money to Charity Stars.

Is Charity stars legit?

Charity Stars is a legit and safe organization based in the United States. This is a registered organization with a rating of 100/100 on .

1. Transparent Terms

On an in depth analysis our experts found the organization to be extremely transparent about their fees, donation percentage, sweepstake winners and other auction terms. They declare the amount that they will be donating to the charity in every auction and there fee ranges from 1-4% rate on the final hammer price.

2. Ethical & Legal 

The 9 year old company has been operating in accordance to the legal regulations defined by the states.  We tried to determine loopholes in their way of operation. But, everything seems to be ethical and no issues were found out by us.

3. Fair Winners

Charity stars declares randomly selected winners on the sweepstake without any shady practices. The company uses a Random Number Generator software in order to determine the winner of the sweepstake. We found the selection process & public declaration of winners to be extremely fair and transparent. 

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What do we think about this company?

In our opinion, this is a very trustable organization with a strong base. If we had to donate money in exchange for opportunities to win prizes and experiences, we would definitely go with them opposed to other organizations like Prizeo and Omaze . Overall, they look like a credible and trustable organization.


How much of what i donate goes into charity?

Charity stars is very transparent about their fee structure and publicly declares the percentage that goes into auction. This can range anywhere from 5-80% , but we have usually found it to be 75% on an average.

Where and when was the company founded?

CharityStars was founded in 2013.

Where is the company located?

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Is it private?


How much has CharityStars fundraised so far?

Over $20 million

How are the sweepstake winners selected?

Through a Random Number Generator software.

Can I enter the sweepstake without donating?

Yes, you can. You just have to fill this form and send it to this address: send to CharityStars, Inc., 3540 Toringdon Way, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28277


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