Is Prizeo Legit Or a Scam?

Have you wondered about meeting your favorite sports player or attending a special event with a famous celebrity? Of course, everyone does. Prizeo is one such platform that allows fans to meet, date and celebrate with their celebrity idols while contributing to a good cause. But, is it all too good to be true?

Well, many people have participated in Prizeo campaigns and won once in a lifetime experience they could only dream of. Nevertheless, it is because of the participants and celebrities that Prizeo was able to raise $50 million for charity.


There are big names associated with these charitable causes. So yeah, it is more reliable than one might think.

What is Prizeo?

Prizeo, founded in 2013, is a fundraising platform for celebrities to leverage their fan base to contribute to charitable causes. It is a technology-based service that allows celebrities and charitable organizations to acquire funds by running campaigns for fans.

In 2015, Charity Network acquired the platform. Along with CharityBuzz, it is the biggest charity network that raises millions of dollars every year. The fans make donations to win sweepstake entries and get a chance to win prizes such as a travel experience, a date with a celebrity, a practice game with their favorite sports personality, and more.

What are the prize categories?

There are several sweepstakes categories. Each category comes with a chance to win different rewards and prizes. You are free to enter the sweepstakes of your desired category. Travel, Sports, Theatre, Television, Music, Car, and Cash Prizes are the categories.

From singers, actors, and sports players to comedians, philanthropists, and businessmen, you have the chance to meet anyone based on sweepstakes you win.

If you are not a celebrity fan, then cars, shopping cash prizes, Apple products are some campaign prizes that might interest you. Admittedly, there is something for everyone. You get giveaways depending on donation amounts.

Who can participate?

It goes without saying that people from all walks of life can participate. Neither wishes like meeting a celebrity nor charity is limited to a certain group of people. Although safe for children, the only eligibility criteria to win rewards and prizes are that a parent or guardian must accompany you if you are between 13 to 21 years old.

Also, not all sweepstakes come with transportation and accommodation privileges, players from outside America have to manage such charges themselves. However, you can find out more about it in the description section of sweepstakes before entering.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works:

Choose your desired prize. With the help of Prizeo, celebrities have made it possible for their fans to meet them. They create sweepstakes, so their fans can win a once in a lifetime experience. Register for the sweepstake.

The donations you make to enter the sweepstakes adds funds to the charity cause supported by the celebrity. Though donations are not mandatory, players can get free entries through the form. However, the donations start from as low as $10 for 100 entries.

You get a unique referral link to spread the word on social media for charities. When your referrals make donations through that link, you get more entries.

The winners are selected randomly by a random number generator for their lifetime experience.

How to earn more entries?

It is not necessary to make donations to participate in a sweepstake for rewards. You only need entries. However, each entry is equivalent to one chance at winning. Thus, you can increase your chances to win with a larger number of entries for the random number generator to select.

There are three ways to earn more entries:

Buy donations – Each donation sum earns a certain number of entries.

Referral – You get a unique referral link to share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. More the number of donations via your link, more the entries you can win.

Free forms – With each free form, you get 100 entries. You can fill more than one form.

One great thing about more entries or referral donations is getting the brand or campaign merchandise such as T-shirts or American Express cards.

How to claim the winnings?

After the sweepstake closes, the winners are notified via email. There is a deadline to claim the prize. Based on eligibility, the winner sends a confirmation before the deadline.

Terms and conditions

There are some terms and conditions associated with the participation.

You get a ticket for each $0.10 donation you make. However, in some cases, there is a giveaway over $25 donations.

The donations are non-refundable.

You can purchase any amount of tickets to win entries. Also, there is no restriction on the number of free forms you can fill to increase your entries.

In case of certain events, the winners can avail the price on specific dates.

The prizes are non-transferable. They cannot be converted to cash.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons as per our analysis are shared below:


  • Anyone above 13 years of age can participate.
  • A chance to meet celebrities while supporting a good cause.
  • Unique prizes and rewards in the form of experience, products, and cash prizes.


  • Additional transportation and accommodation costs
  • Unlimited entries entertained by players
  • Events/Prizes have deadlines.

Final word

With Prizeo, the participants have tried their luck and fulfilled their dreams. The platform is definitely not a scam. In fact, it is a legit source to make donations and win a chance to meet your celebrity idols. Moreover, the reviews and social announcements are proof that dreams do come true with Prizeo.

To conclude, it is no surprise you will find fraud or spammy websites in the name of famous platforms that claim the same experiences. So, beware of such fraudulent activities. In a nutshell, Prizeo is a trustworthy platform. The unique campaigns on the platform are as engaging as they are creative. There is something for everyone, and the best thing is you can get free entries via free forms, sign up bonus, and social referrals.


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