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Is Omaze legit or a scam?

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Millions of users donate to giants like Omaze every year, but very few actually know if their money’s getting to the people who need it. Is this platform legit? Or is it a scam?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this short 5 minute article, you will not just find if Omaze is legit, you will also save a ton of time & get your money to the people who actually need it.

To answer the big question…

Yes, Omaze is a legitimate platform but with a lot of hidden Terms. So, should you donate through this platform?

Let’s find out through these 5 questions that should cover all your doubts.

1. Does Omaze give enough to the ones who actually need it?

No, Omaze doesn’t care as much for charity and the people who are actually in need of it. It is NOT a real fundraising and charity business.

Omaze is a for-profit company. Hence, it keeps a major portion of the funds raised and donates only a small percentage to charity.

If you look at the “About page” of, you will find a graphic stating that 60% of the funds go to charity.

While this is true, there is a catch here.

Omaze donates 60% to charity only for the model which has celebrity experience.

Wait. Did you know that Omaze has two different models for raising funds? Worry not, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a brief overview of fundraising models in Omaze.

Donation Funnel Prize based experience Celebrity experience
Donation from user $10 $10
Expenses $7 $2.50
Omaze’s profit $1.50 $1.50
Charity $1.50 $6

Clearly, the charity percentage in the prize based model is ridiculous.

While we understand that there are expenses in running an organization, we can’t digest the fact that Omaze only highlights the 60% donation on their website and lets you figure out the rest. Not an ethical thing to do for a fundraising company, don’t you think?

Take a close look at the infographic below to get a visual understanding of the fundraising model of Omaze.

2. Do users feel Omaze is good?

We have gone through Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau and found that users of Omaze have mixed reviews about the platform. Here are some of the opinions of users about Omaze.

Reviews from

Reviews from Better Business Bureau:

3. Are there any Omaze scams?

Although there has not been any report of Omaze scams, you have to be really cautious when you are donating online.

There have been many viral charity scams in the past. That should be a reason enough to understand what exactly you are spending the money on. Omaze raises funds online. Before going ahead with donations, please ensure that you are on the official website of Omaze, which is

There are scammers who use fake websites to phish confidential information such as your credit card details and more. Being aware of the source of donation can save you from any unwanted scam while making donations online.

4. Can you really win Omaze sweepstakes?

Yes, people really win Omaze sweepstakes. The prizes and experiences are awarded to the winners after winning a confirmation background check.

There have been users who have talked about their wins, like the one in this video featuring the winner of a Lamborghini Aventador S.

Do you wish to know more about the winners of Omaze sweepstakes, then check out this article.

5. Do charity organizations have links with Omaze?

The fundraising campaigns operated by Omaze are in conjunction with the charity organizations. You can be sure of this as they are advocated by hundreds of celebrities and charities.

Omaze has been endorsed by Hollywood celebrities like…


Matt Damon

Emilia Clarke

Daniel Craig

Jennifer Lawrence

Andy Cohen

What do we think about Omaze?

From our research and analysis, we have found Omaze to be a legitimate platform. However, that doesn’t mean that we are endorsing it. After all, it is a for-profit organization. If you are looking forward to making a difference through your donation, it will be a wise decision to choose a non-profit that fits your interest and donate to them directly.


Is Omaze donation tax-deductible?

Omaze donations are not completely tax-deductible.

If you make any donations through, the entire amount goes to the Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFA), a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Since CAFA is a U.S. charity, every donation made to CAFA through Omaze is tax-deductible to an extent which is complied to law. If your donation is done from an experience perk, the tax-deductible will be limited to the excess amount given over the value of services and goods provided.

Is Omaze privately owned?

Yes, Omaze is a privately owned organization that aims to raise $1 billion for charity in a year. The platform is open for all and anyone has the chance to win.

The organization was founded by Ryan Cummins and Mathew Pohlson in 2012 and is one of the best fundraisers in Los Angeles, California.

The story goes like this…

The creators of this company have received the idea of business after attending a charity auction. They placed their item for a bid- a supper with Magic Johnson and attending a basketball game. Shockingly, it was found that many people at the event couldn’t bid as it went so high quickly.

There was not much understanding of this type of fundraising model. But, surprisingly, they ended up gathering $15,000. Thus, they decided to start new charitable fundraising online. They were sure it would motivate more individuals to be a part, which means you could raise more money for nonprofits.

Do they have any refund policies?

Not yet! The company is into fundraising and gathering donations for charitable organizations. There are no refund policies as of now. Do you think your donation must be refunded due to unavoidable circumstances? If so, you are free to contact their customer service. The service representative will definitely help you out.

How to reach Omaze contact support?

You can reach out to their customer support on this email – [email protected]

Founded by: Ryan Cummins and Mathew Pohlson
Years of Operation: Since 2012
Prizes: Cars, holiday packages, celebrity meetups, etc
Legit or Scam: Legit
Funds raised till date: Over $130M

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