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Is Omaze legit or a scam?

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To answer the big question…

Yes, Omaze is a legitimate platform. But, what you are donating does not go to charities completely. A percentage of the fund raised is taken by the company. Click here to know more about how much goes into charity. 

If you want to contribute 100% to charity, Omaze is NOT the right platform for you. There is a similar organization called the All In Challenge Foundation. You can check more details here.

There are a lot of other factors that you should look into before deciding to make a donation through Omaze. We have discussed all of them in this article.

Through their donations, Omaze users have helped millions of charities and earned extra contest entries and other benefits from Omaze. Click here to know what Omaze users have to say about this platform. 

With that said, it’s time to take a closer look at Omaze and understand all about it in detail. So, let’s get started.

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How much donation goes into charity?

Omaze is a For-profit organization and hence there is a considerable amount of money that is taken by Omaze as profit from their business.

To understand the donation model in a better way, you have to understand the fundraising models of Omaze. There are basically two models of fundraising in Omaze.

  1. Prize based experience
  2. Celebrity experience

Here’s a complete breakdown of the amount received by Omaze.

Model → Prize based experience
Contribution $10
Charity $1.50
Various expense – Marketing, sourcing, shipping $7
Omaze’s profit $1.50
Model → Celebrity experience
Contribution $10
Charity $6
Marketing expenses and credit card fees $2.50
Omaze’s profit $1.50

Take a close look at the infographic below to get a visual understanding of the fundraising model of Omaze.

The company’s giveaways have less overhead and this means that the charities don’t have to spend any money on raising funds. A portion of every donation goes to fundraising costs, advertising, prize draw, etc. So, the whole donation doesn’t go to charity, and these charities don’t have to spend a single penny from their side, either.

This sounds great, but how does the process work? Are there any costs involved in the process? Find more details below.

How much does it cost to enter Omaze draw?

According to Omaze’s official website, there are no requirements of any sort to enter or win Omaze draws. Purchasing, paying or donating doesn’t increase the chances of winning. Omaze arranges charitable opportunities where people can win great offers and prizes even at an amount of $10.


Besides the charity option, you can enter the Omaze prize draws for free.

Each free entry to the site is similar to 2000 paid entries. This is equal to $100. There will be different prize draws and you are allowed to make 3 free entries which are equal to 6000 entries ($300 as a donation).

How can you enter free draws?

● Enter Omaze website at

● Browse through the Omaze campaigns

● From various campaigns, choose the one which you like

● Click on ‘enter without contributing’

● Fill the required details like name, postal address and email.

● Submit the form after filling the captcha

● You are allowed to submit one form per minute. So plan accordingly till the button turns pink.

How does Omaze pick a winner?

Picking a winner is by automated random draw for each experience.

Here’s how the whole process works:

1. The draw is performed ten days after the experience is closed.

2. Once the drawing is over, they check for the winner’s background to know if he/she meets the legal standard requirements.

3. If everything is in place, the person will be regarded as the winner and this process is known as winner confirmation.

Winner confirmation is a very important aspect of the process and for a good reason. The prizes for the winning include –

  • Celebrity meetings
  • Attending special occasions
  • Meeting a public figure
  • And a lot more

Omaze has to make sure that the winner won’t pose any danger to the celebrities or the special events. They run a background check on the winners and if they find anything suspicious about them, they would be considered disqualified to be a winner. In such cases, the process continues by randomly drawing the next person.

How will the winners be notified?

The potential winners will be notified by a representative of Omaze through email. After receiving the mail, the maximum time to respond to the mail is 24 hours. If the winners fail to respond within the speculated time, then he/she will be out of the list and the company shall move on to the next draw.

The company also asks to return all required documents within the mentioned time. So, the winners and the guests are required to do so, otherwise, they will be moved to the next draw.

Some of the giveaways by Omaze included:

● A chance to attend finale Game of Thrones along with actress Emilia Clarke

● A chance of winning a Lamborghini blessed by Pope Francis

What if I want to contribute 100% to charity?

Omaze is one of the largest platforms when it comes to raising funds for charity. However, it is not the only one that does this work. There are many other companies that do this work. If you are looking for a company that contributes 100% of the fund to charity, you can opt for the All In Challenge that promises to deliver 100 percent of the proceeds to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry. This is a non-profit organization. Just like Omaze, it offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Alternatively, you can also donate to the cause by visiting the official website of the charity foundation and offering direct donations.

Can you really win Omaze sweepstakes?

Yes, people really win Omaze sweepstakes. The prizes and experiences are awarded to the winners after winning a confirmation background check. The greatest advantage of this site is that even though the platform is a fundraiser for noble causes, donations are not required to enter any sweepstakes.

There have been users who have talked about their wins. Like the one in this video featuring the winner of a Lamborghini Aventador S.

Do you wish to know more about the winners of Omaze sweepstakes, then check out this article.

Is Omaze legit or scam?

So, we have explained in depth about Omaze. By keeping all those in mind, we would like to say that Omaze is not a scam. Omaze is a legitimate organization that gathers money for various charitable causes at the same time giving away some exciting prizes.

To make things more clear, we would like to point out that this platform has been endorsed by Hollywood celebrities like…


Matt Damon

Emilia Clarke

Daniel Craig

Jennifer Lawrence

Andy Cohen

The fundraising campaigns operated by Omaze are in conjunction with the charity organizations. You can be sure of this as they are advocated by hundreds of celebrities and charities. Furthermore, there have been zero complaints from winners not receiving their prices.

Even though Omaze seems to be totally legit, there have been more than 30 complaints reported in The Better Business Bureau (BBB). These reviews mostly involve issues related to credit cards and other such incidents. It is worth noting that almost every company in the world has some or other negative reviews on the BBB. Considering this fact, Omaze does seem to be a legitimate organization.

Before choosing Omaze as your trustworthy fundraising organization, try to read their “Terms of use” and “Privacy policy” which are updated from time to time. This is to avoid future confusion.

Also, check out some reviews from real users of Omaze.

User Reviews

Read reviews of real users and see what others have to say about Omaze. We’ve done an extensive review on the platform and observed that users have given mixed opinions on Omaze. Take a look at some of the user reviews to make a better decision.

Reviews from

Reviews from


Is Omaze donation tax-deductible?

If you make any donations through, the entire amount goes to the Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFA), a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Since CAFA is a U.S. charity, every donation made to CAFA through Omaze is tax-deductible to an extent which is complied to law. If your donation is done from an experience perk, the tax-deductible will be limited to the excess amount given over the value of services and goods provided.

Is Omaze privately owned?

Yes, Omaze is a privately owned organization that aims to raise $1 billion for charity in a year. The platform is open for all and anyone has the chance to win.

The organization was founded by Ryan Cummins and Mathew Pohlson in 2012 and is one of the best fundraisers in Los Angeles, California.

The story goes like this…

The creators of this company have received the idea of business after attending a charity auction. They placed their item for a bid- a supper with Magic Johnson and attending a basketball game. Shockingly, it was found that many people at the event couldn’t bid as it went so high quickly.

There was not much understanding of this type of fundraising model. But, surprisingly, they ended up gathering $15,000. Thus, they decided to start new charitable fundraising online. They were sure it would motivate more individuals to be a part, which means you could raise more money for nonprofits.

Do they have any refund policies?

Not yet! The company is into fundraising and gathering donations for charitable organizations. There are no refund policies as of now. Do you think your donation must be refunded due to unavoidable circumstances? If so, you are free to contact their customer service. The service representative will definitely help you out.

How to reach Omaze contact support?

Customer care contact details are mandatory for every legitimate site. If you have any queries regarding donation, prize draws or if you have any complaints, they have a solution for you. You can reach out to their customer support on this email – [email protected].

Founded by: Ryan Cummins and Mathew Pohlson
Years of Operation: Since 2012
Prizes: Cars, holiday packages, celebrity meetups, etc
Legit or Scam: Legit
Funds raised till date: Over $130M

How much money goes into charity?

See Profit Charity Ratio

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