Is LMCT Giveaway legit?

Founded by Adrian Portelli in 2018, LMCT-type giveaways offer promotions to customers who sign up for an ongoing membership. Essentially, this type of giveaway is a trade promotion that automatically enters members into competitions to win prizes.

LMCT+ gives away cars valued between $40,000-$500,000 each and has given away 42 cars in four years of operation, with a total value of over $5 million. The company is now branching out to give away state-of-the-art boats, houses, and regular car giveaways. Those who love cars enter to win by joining the membership-based community for as little as $30 for a one-week, one-off membership with ongoing memberships costing just $19.99 per month.

Want to know more? Join us in this article and get a proper understanding of whether it will be safe to invest in LMCT or not.

Is LMCT legit?

The reviews about LMCT have varied. Some reviewers had claimed that the company scammed them by charging their credit cards even when their car was a giveaway. At the same time, others have spoken positively about the platform. Latter faced no problem after paying their monthly charge.

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my membership tier?

If you upgrade or downgrade, that won’t come to effect until the next month. After a month, if you upgrade your Account, you will get all the membership benefits for that tier.


How do the entries work if I upgrade my membership?

If you’ve been a loyal customer on the $19 plan for five months and then upgraded to the $99 plan for six months, you’ll receive 15 entries. The system generates entries based on two factors the months your subscription is active and the highest tier you are on.

How does the entry number system work?

LMCT’s new entry number system ensures complete transparency as it is included in a giveaway. Each member gets allocated unique six-digit entry combinations based on their number of entries. You will receive 5 x 6 digit unique combinations in your members portal if you have five entries. At the time of a live draw, our team will reverse draw the winners starting from 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. If your unique combination gets drawn, your name appears on the digital screen, where we will be giving you a call to let you know that you’ve just won.

How does the loyalty membership work?

Loyalty members are automatically in every draw we have, and your entries never expire for as long as you remain a member! If you’re a member for five months, you have five entries into every draw… and we have about 2-5 interests per month. The perks don’t end there! You also have access to 500+ Australian businesses offering exclusive discounts to save you thousands in savings, exclusive invitations to special events, milestone gifts, membership gifts, loyalty member-only draws, and much more!

Is LMCT safe?

The opinion about LMCT has varied with positive and negative reviews; it is, therefore, difficult to conclude because a full guarantee cannot be given. Although, the community of LMCT is quite extensive and is increasing gradually.

You may cancel your Account at any time by contacting [email protected], and cancellation will take effect once the administration has processed.

Does LMCT have a big community?

From having a small beginning, the company has grown at a startling rate of at least 500% year on year, with a whopping 700% growth since May 2020. LMCT+ now boasts a 220,000-strong car community with over 420 partnered businesses offering discounts.

What is the key to winning LMCT takeaways?

  • Because it is a platform that involves trade promotions, it automatically enters members into competitions to win prizes.
  • The promotion must be kept separate from the business.
  • You need to promote your core business and be free to be considered a trade promotion.
  • Businesses considering running these promotions must ensure they have permits and authorizations required by relevant state laws.
  • Businesses should have mentioned the competition rules in their terms and conditions and Privacy Policies before running their business or promoting.
  • Businesses should watch out for any potential misleading and deceptive cases about advertising and their competition prizes.

Before investing in such platforms, one needs to be aware. Otherwise, you can get scammed. Views about LMCT have mainly been positive, but there are negative reviews, too, where the parties have claimed that they have been scammed and charged falsely. Make sure you research any such giveaway platform before blindly taking its membership.

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