What Is The Best Time To Post Giveaways On Instagram?

Getting a chance to win a giveaway is always very exciting for any individual. But do you know how important a role is played by ‘time’ here to ensure the success of your promotional content? Join us in this article and understand the importance of timing when posting giveaways.

Perspective on Posting Giveaways:

There are two main perspectives to approach the issue –

  • Firstly, you might have come across several suggestions, including posting the content in the evenings or on weekends to attract more accounts, although there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is a no-brainer that you should post the giveaways on your handle when your target audience is online and engaged in scrolling through posts on Instagram
  • The second important parameter is the relevance of the content you’re promoting among followers. The more relevance the promoted content holds in users’ lives, the higher the probability that content is figured high in the users’ feed. It is important to note that the algorithm used by Instagram to show posts in users’ feeds considers both the posts’ relevance and timeliness.  

What are the two factors on which giveaway post timings depend?

  • Target Audience and Online Status  
  •  Relevance of Content 

Real-World Example:

Let’s understand the best time for posting giveaways on Instagram with the help of a Smoothie Bar example. Suppose you are a manager of SAM Smoothie Bar, operational in the downtown center of London. As part of a new promotional campaign, you want to offer Giveaways to every 20th customer who purchases a smoothie between June 15 to June 25, 2022, from 6 pm to 8 pm. 


Target Audience and Online Status:

In this scenario, the best time to post your giveaway is in the evening, when most of your followers are active and engaged in scrolling through the pages of Instagram.n The reach and effectiveness can be further enhanced if you choose to post on weekends, as users will be on Instagram with a free mind without any work pressure. A higher number of active users is likely to result in more impressions which, in turn, will lead to enhanced brand engagement and interactions. The most likely result of such developments will lead to excellent user participation in winning giveaways offered by your Smoothie Bar. 

Relevance of Content:

The second essential component for promoting giveaways on Instagram is the relevance of the content. The extent to which your post is relevant to your followers will immediately determine how well your idea will respond on Instagram. 

In the case of smoothies, the product concerns the customers’ lifestyle and also upgrades the health quotient of your followers on Instagram. So, it would make more sense if the product, the new arrival, and the different flavors of the smoothie were posted and updated in the morning itself. That way, it would sync with the time the product is consumed. The timing could be between 7 am and 8 am during weekdays, while on weekends, you shouldn’t delay posting it beyond 9 am. but when it comes to giveaways, posting the promotional content when most of your followers are online makes a lot of sense. 

Giveaways involving promotional activities should prioritize their followers the most because they can only taste their success when these followers take an interest in taking the post. So, it’s essential to post content exclusively during that time when the followers have been found primarily active. This approach would surely reap the result.

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