Popcornflix vs Popcorn Time: Which One is Better for Streaming Movies?

If you love watching movies online, you may have heard of Popcornflix and Popcorn Time. These are two of the most popular movie streaming sites that offer a large collection of movies and TV shows for free. But how do they compare? Which one is better for streaming movies? And what are the risks and benefits of using them? In this article, we will answer these questions and provide you with some tips on how to use these sites safely and legally.

What is Popcornflix?

Popcornflix is a legal and free movie streaming site that is owned by Screen Media Ventures, a film distribution company. Popcornflix offers over 1,500 movies and TV shows across various genres, such as comedy, drama, action, horror, and more. You can watch Popcornflix on your web browser, or download its app for Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and more. You do not need to sign up or create an account to use Popcornflix. However, you have to watch some ads before and during the movies, as that is how the site generates revenue.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is an illegal and free movie streaming site that uses BitTorrent technology to stream pirated content from various sources. Popcorn Time allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows in HD quality, with subtitles and different languages. You can watch Popcorn Time on your web browser, or download its app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. You do not need to sign up or create an account to use Popcorn Time. However, you have to download the movies to your device before watching them, as that is how the site works.

Popcornflix vs Popcorn Time: Pros and Cons

Popcornflix and Popcorn Time have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you are looking for in a movie streaming site. Here are some of the pros and cons of each site:

Pros & Cons

ProsLegal and safe; complies with copyright laws.
Easy and convenient; no downloads or sign-ups required.
Decent collection, especially for indie and low budget.
User-friendly interface with search functionality.
Unlimited content, including latest, popular, and classics.
High video quality, often in HD or 1080p resolution.
Customizable features like subtitles, languages, genres.
ConsLimited content with no latest and popular releases.
Low video quality, mainly in SD or 480p resolution.
Annoying ads: commercials may interrupt viewing experience.
Illegal and risky; infringes on content rights and legal issues.
Slow and unreliable; requires downloading, consuming bandwidth.
Potential security threats; malicious ads or pop-ups.

How to Use Popcornflix and Popcorn Time Safely and Legally?

If you want to use Popcornflix and Popcorn Time safely and legally, you need to take some precautions and follow some tips. Here are some of them:

Use a VPN service. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address, making it harder for anyone to track your online activity or access your personal information. A VPN also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that may be blocked in your region. We recommend using Bigcashweb, as it is fast, secure, and easy to use on your device. Bigcashweb also offers you a chance to win gift cards and rewards by completing tasks and surveys, which you can use to buy legal streaming services or products.

Use an antivirus software. An antivirus software can detect and remove any malware or viruses that may infect your device through Popcornflix or Popcorn Time or their ads. It can also warn you of any suspicious links or websites that may try to steal your data or harm your device. We recommend using Malwarebytes, as it offers comprehensive web protection and advanced features for your device.

Be careful of what you click on. When you visit Popcornflix or Popcorn Time or their mirrors, you may encounter many intrusive ads and pop-ups that may look tempting or legitimate. However, do not click on them, as they may lead you to harmful sites or download unwanted programs on your device. You can also use an ad blocker app to block or limit these ads, such as AdGuard.


Popcornflix and Popcorn Time are two popular movie streaming sites, but they have different pros and cons. Popcornflix is legal and safe, but has limited and low-quality content. Popcorn Time is illegal and risky, but has unlimited and high-quality content. If you want to use them safely and legally, you need to use a VPN and antivirus software, and be careful of what you click on. You can also use Bigcashweb to earn gift cards and rewards that you can use to buy legal streaming services or products.


1. What kind of movies does Popcornflix have?

Popcornflix is your destination to stream free full-length movies and television series. Check us out for great Action, Comedy, Family, Horror, Drama, Thriller, Romance, Westerns, Sci Fi, Docs and more.

2. Does Popcornflix show new movies?

The new Timeline shows you all the new movies on Popcornflix. With this new movie list organized by date and updated daily, you won’t miss any new movie releases on Popcornflix.

3. Is Popcorn Time safe without VPN?

If it’s not blocked in your country, then you can watch Popcorn Time without a VPN. However, we do not recommend it. Without a VPN, your ISP will be able to see everything you’re doing online. Additionally, you will also be subject to any geo-restrictions that have been put in place.


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