What is Woobox? How does it work & Is it safe ?

Woobox is a campaign management software that is available as a SaaS. It allows you to create and run contests, giveaways, polls, coupons, forms, and more on social media, your website, and all your marketing channels. The company was founded in 2010 by George Decarlo. It has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The company claims that over four million brands trust them with their campaigns worldwide.

How does Woobox work?

Before using Woobox, you must set up an account with Woobox. You can opt for the free plan or select a paid plan based on your requirements. While choosing a paid plan, you may want to consider how many followers you have, how many pages you want to support, whether you want to pay monthly or yearly, etc. Once you have selected your plan, you can set up your campaign.

Creating a campaign

Before creating your campaign, you may want to decide on the goal of your campaign. An attractive campaign will help increase participation and make a favorable impression of your brand. You may want to capture the contact information of your participants either for sending newsletters or for reaching out to a winner. You may also want to limit the entries by limiting the daily votes via IP or email address. Next, you can connect all the social media sites you want to run your campaign on to Woobox. Don’t forget to encourage your audience to like and comment on your drive. Please don’t make it mandatory because it may violate the user policy of specific social media channels like Facebook. Consult your legal team or take some guidance about any official rules or restrictions you should include in your campaign. It will also be good for you to remain informed about the regulations social media channels expect you to follow. You can then publish your campaign by setting off the admin mode and ensuring that the Form Entry is set to On if you use it. Once the campaign is completed, you can pick a winner, if applicable, and export all the data you have collected to gather insights and further your marketing communication.

Choose a plan to run contests, polls, quizzes, and giveaways on social media and their websites.

Is Woobox safe?

Woobox is a top-rated service, and many businesses use it to run contests, polls, quizzes, and giveaways on social media and their websites. The Internet is flush with positive reviews about Woobox. You can use Woobox to increase the fan following of your brand, publicize your products and services and collect contact details and data to further marketing communication with your customers. Woobox can be used to create coupons and vouchers which can be redeemed at your store offline or online. The service is available at multiple price points to suit your budget and requirements. It is an excellent offering to help your brand grab attention and gain traction.

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