What is Wishpond & How does it work?

Wishpond is a multi-purpose digital marketing solution that is sold as a SaaS. The company was founded in 2009 by Ali Tajskandar and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. The company claims to have over 3700 paid clients and over 3.4 million annual website visitors. Wishpond offers four marketing tools: Landing Pages, Pop-Ups & Forms, Contests & Promos, and Marketing Automation.

How does Wishpond work?

Let us check how the different tools of Wishpond work.

  1. Landing Pages

Wishpond offers over a hundred landing page templates that can be used to create and publish landing pages. It features a simple drag-and-drop editor that allows marketers to create landing pages without design or programming knowledge. You can publish your landing pages anywhere, including your website, WordPress and Facebook. You can optimize your landing pages with A/B testing and see how they perform in real-time analytics.

Wishpond landing pages are mobile and tablet responsive, so they look great on any device. Wishpond sends you weekly statistics for all your campaigns. You also receive notifications and emails about new leads from your campaigns. Wishpond offers 300 plus integrations, including email, analytics, sales, payment & collaboration apps.

2. Pop-Ups and Forms

Wishpond offers over a hundred pop-up templates to fit any industry. Pop-up templates make it easy to create a pop-up and add it to your page. You can develop pop-ups using a simple drag and drop editor. You can change your popup’s appearance and behavior by changing where it appears and adding animations.

Depending on the situation, you can use different popups, like blog subscriptions, sales promotions, or coupon offers. You can use the built-in pop-up tool to convert visitors by adding pop-ups, welcome mats, slide-in pop-ups, and opt-in pop-ups. You can trigger the pop-ups on entry, exit, scroll, click, or with a timed delay.

With Wishpond, you can create custom form fields to collect information from your leads. You can use advanced features like pre-filled form fields and hidden fields to boost conversion rates and improve lead segmentation.

3. Contests & Promotions

Wishpond allows you to create contests and promotions to generate social engagement and get followers. You can make ten different social media contests and competitions, which include:

  • Photo Contests.
  • Bonus Entry Contest.
  • Instagram Hashtag Contest.
  • Referral Contest.
  • Vote Contest.
  • Leaderboard Contest.
  • Photo Caption Contest.
  • Video Contest.

4. Marketing Automation

Wishpond allows you to send personalized email campaigns to your leads based on demographics and activity. You can use the information you have about your visitors to send segmented email campaigns. You can customize the emails you send and when you send them based on lead activity. You can use marketing automation to identify hot leads and email them to your sales team. Wishpond allows you several features to automate interactions between Wishpond and other apps through integrations.

Final words

Wishpond offers three pricing options at $49, $99, and $199 per month. You can select the plan most suitable for your needs and the one that fits your budget. Wishpond is very popular among small and medium-sized businesses across the world. For more details about Wishpond, you can visit the company website.


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