Publishers Clearing House: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is one of the most famous names in the direct-to-customer business segment. It offers buyers a unique blend of multi-channel shopping experiences. 

The product range of the PCH has grown over the years, and now it sells a variety of merchandise besides offering its core products such as magazine subscriptions, digital entertainment, and gaming experiences, among others. More importantly, the company is known for offering lucrative rewards across the app- and web-based products. 

 Even if you’re not a customer of PCH, you still have a chance to win sweepstakes and awards from the house.

The downside of PCH’s growing popularity is that the company has become a target for imposters who use their name and branding to defraud the people. These scammers trick people into depositing the token money to claim their reward from PCH. Some of these fraudsters have successfully fooled people in the past, leading to the spread of disinformation about the company. The following section discusses whether PCH is legit or a scam. 

Is PCH worth it?

PCH has carved a place for itself. Thanks to the spectacular success of its much-loved Prize Patrol activity. The process includes rewarding customers with sweepstakes and broadcasting their reactions live to millions of audiences across the country. Further, the house uses numerous other ways to communicate and promote its product and services (including Web-based access and App download), which is a good business strategy to follow in today’s day and age of marketing. Moreover, PCH claims guaranteed satisfaction and free credit on all items available for sale on the various platforms of the house. 

Is PCH Legitimate?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to believe that you’ve won a sweepstake from PCH, and we must say that your suspicion of yours is not entirely misplaced. Scammers often use the PCH name to dupe people online and also get access to their sensitive information. As PCH is a household name, unsuspecting people fall prey to these scammers and lose their hard-earned money. Therefore, to remain clear of such imitators, one must know the difference between the real sweepstake and fake offers from imposters. The following are essential points that can prove extremely helpful in differentiating between a genuine sweepstake offer from the fake one:

  • It would help if you remembered that winners of the big sweepstakes of PCH would be informed in person rather than getting the notification by email or telephone. 
  • PCH never asks its winners to pay any amount to receive the prize money. Neither the house requires you to furnish any sensitive information, including your address, to its platform. 
  • You can directly verify the win from PCH by calling on the contact information given on their official website. 

Most importantly, you must conduct the research before claiming the prize as it could come in handy in saving you from any potential defraud.

Wouldn't it be exciting to win amazing sweepstakes on PCH?

Reviews and Ratings:

Going through the overall reviews and ratings of PCH, one can easily infer that the house has received a mixed bag of responses from the customers. While some users have profusely praised PCH for its policy of offering sweepstakes free of cost, others are worried that the odds of winning the prizes are slim. Some other important factors that have weighed in deciding the overall rating for the PCH include its user-friendly service, the announcement of the daily prizes, and attractive marketing practices. In sum, the overall ratings and reviews about PCH are primarily positive, which is expected to bode well for the house in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Publishers Clearing House sell your information?

No, PCH doesn’t sell your information to any third party. The house consistently applies the ethical and moral business code across the verticals. All the information related to the customers is kept entirely confidential, with the company being an ardent follower of the highest standards of data integrity and preservation.

Q2. Do people win PCH?

Of course, not only do people win, but they win big on PCH. It is equally valid that the odds stacked in favor of winning are extremely low. According to the company’s official website, you have only one chance of winning 6.2 billion. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that PCH offers prizes, and people do their best, but the chances of winning sweepstakes are not very bright – you must be extremely lucky to figure out among the winners. The extremely low winning probability can’t take away from people winning the big sweepstakes on PCH.

Q3. How does PCH make money?

PCH is a big organization that sells customers a range of merchandise, products, and services. Besides, the house sells subscriptions to magazines and digital content, increasing its revenue and profit. 

Some of the best-selling categories of the PCH include jewelry, housewares, and vacations, among others. In addition, the company also owns a few websites that complement the overall profitability of the house. It’s important to note that over the years, PCH’s business model has undergone a dramatic transformation, and now the majority of its revenue comes from merchandise sales to customers. 

Q4. How are publishers clearing house winners notified?

PCH adopts different methods to appraise the winners of their sweepstakes, with the amount of the prize money being the deciding factor on how the house contacts winners. If you hit the big jackpot, the prize patrol will contact you in person and live broadcast your reaction to winning the massive amount of money. 

However, if the amount of the prize is less than $10,000, the information to the winners will be given through overnight delivery services such as FedEx and UPS, among others. PCH also use certified mail services to inform the winners, while in the case of online giveaways, the information is shared with the winners on their email ids. 

PCH offers exciting sweepstakes and rewards.

Q5. Does anyone win PCH?

Yes, and if you have any doubt regarding the authenticity of the prizes announced by the PCH, hear it from Marybeth, a resident of Minneapolis who has won whopping prize money of $100,000 in her account. She initially struggled to believe that she had won this humongous prize money. 

Q6. How long does it take to win PCH?

It is tough to predict how long it takes to win sweepstakes from PCH, especially considering the odds of winning are extremely low – only 1 in 6.2 billion. Although you need not buy anything from PCH to become eligible for winning the sweepstakes or other prizes, there is no way one can estimate the time required to become part of the list of winners that is regularly communicated and released by the PCH. 

After the winners’ declaration, PCH takes eight weeks to award prizes to the winners. Therefore, if you have won a prize from PCH, you need to wait at least eight weeks as this is much time the house usually takes to send the money/rewards to the winners. 

Q7. How to enter the publisher’s clearing house?

There are different avenues that one can use to enter the PCH. The following are the prominent ones used by people to make their entry into the PCH: 

  • One of the easiest ways is to use the toll-free number of the house, which is 1-800-459-4724. 
  • There is also a convenience in the PCH App, which can be operated through a mobile device and provide the freedom to access PCH on the go. 
  • The third and most exciting way that most enthusiasts and adventure-seekers take is the PCHKeno, a live draw organized every 20 minutes by PCH. This live draw offers a chance to the public to win a mega prize of million tokens, and the best part of the process is that you need not buy anything from PCH to become part of the contest and win prizes. 
Q8. What happens if you win publishers clearing house and you’re not home?

PCH will utilize all its resources to locate the sweepstakes winner if the winner is not at home or on vacation. As a part of its policy, PCH never handover the bumper Sweepstakes to anyone except the winner. Further, the prize money is given in person, removing any possibility of fraud or cheating through impersonation. 

The Prize Patrol has an impeccable history of handing over the rewards to the contest’s real winner and ensuring that the big prizes are distributed to natural persons in person rather than any other means. Overall, the distribution process is credible and leaves no doubt about the authenticity of the PCH. 

Q9. How safe is PCH?
  • PCH has been offering sweepstakes to people for years now, although the odds in favor of winning the prices are not very high. Still, one can’t discount that the company has been delivering on its promises by offering a range of prizes and gifts to winners of its contests. Also, there have been many instances where scammers impersonating a company’s representative have cheated people by luring them though the blame shouldn’t be put on PCH. 
  • On its part, PCH has been actively involved in the process of fighting the scams. It runs several awareness campaigns and works with enforcement agencies to curb the menace of cheating and fraud online and offline.
  • The house also operates many public education programs that provide information to the general public about legitimate and genuine sweepstake prizes and methods to differentiate between authentic and fake offers. The official website of the organization has a separate section on contest integrity which you can visit to get more information on how to avoid PCH scams (the page can be seen at
  • To further make things convenient for users, PCH also runs a separate scam hotline on which you can make a call and enquire about your winning status directly from the representative of the house. 

In essence, PCH is a genuine organization that operates and offers people a chance to win sweepstakes and other rewards. The chances of winning are slim, though one can’t predict when the lady’s luck starts shining bright on them. 



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