Is Diesel Brothers Giveaway on Facebook Legit?

The Diesel Brothers is an automotive reality show distributed through the Discovery Channel. But it is undoubtedly more than an automotive reality show as it has become a massive business. In each episode, the diesel guys transform the old truck wreckage into incredible diesel machines.

Since its premiere on Discovery, the Diesel Brothers have gained a lot of popularity with diesel fans all over the world. But at the same time, the guys on the show have won some serious controversies. Starting from pollution issues to where they source some of their truck parts, fans were skeptical about the whole structure of the show.

But the question lies, is the Diesel brothers’ giveaway legit? If you are interested in finding its legitimacy and dependability, this article is undoubtedly for you.

Do they give trucks away?

Yes, it’s true. The Diesel Brothers give away trucks in their show, and it’s a way of promoting their show. But even though these trucks are highly-priced, the cost is comparatively lower than that if purchased from a manufacturer. Remember, they buy junk to refurbish. One can argue that they must order parts, take care of materials and labor costs, etc.

The cost of the giveaways is in the budget of the show. But the promotional advantage they get from a single truck per show is way more significant than the cost of the truck itself.

Have they ever been accused of being involved in illegal means?

Yes, they were. Critics thought that the show acquired some of its parts illegally. It can not be very absurd because they receive their material from various sources, including junkyards, where no one can firmly claim that there has been a breach of law. However, the Diesel Brothers haven’t been charged for illegally sourcing parts for their products. So, these are just claims with no proof.

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Is Diesel Brothers Giveaway legit?

It is undoubtedly legit, but in mid-November 2021, scammers used its name to share a popular post from 2020. The Facebook scam improperly used the names and faces of Diesel Power Gear and “Diesel Brothers.” this was done without consulting or taking the diesel brothers’ permission, and this post even falsely promised thousands of dollars to entrants who followed steps and showed that they downloaded the Stash Finance App.

So, it cannot be exactly said that they were responsible for the mishap, although they have been charged with illegal sourcing.

Got more doubts? We will solve it all.


Q1. What was the scam?

After the Rittenhouse acquittal, the June 2020 Facebook post from the Passons was shared. The comments often read either “check my profile, you win” or “you win, check my profile.” Other messages said: “Visit my profile, do it with faith. You have become the winner, which I specifically chose.” the entrants were asked to register and follow the required steps to win $10000 and claim false affiliation with the Diesel Brothers.

Q2. Was Stash Finance behind the scam?

No evidence had been made available regarding their involvement.

Q3. Did their company grow?

They started through a Facebook page in which they sold trucks. Which trucks? The ones they bought as a wreck and completely restored to make them look heavy and monstrous.

Today, their business has grown to sell parts and merchandise. has become a portal from which you can access four websites: Sellers, Diesel Power Gear, 4×4 Anything, and Legion Truck Armor; every website specializes in a particular function.

Q4. Were they ever sued?

Yes, they were for damaging the environment. The doctors argue in their lawsuit that the modified trucks roll coal which causes a severe threat to the environment. They also said that the exhausting systems are tricked into increasing the volume of black smoke.

Q5. Have people won any giveaways?

Yes, people have won several giveaways. Reviews have come in favor of Diesel Brothers as customers have won trucks.

So, Diesel Brothers Giveaway is undoubtedly legit. Records show that people have won giveaways, but their involvement in purchasing machinery through illegal means cannot be denied either. But entrants must never forget to do complete research before investing in such giveaway platforms because the web world is full of scammers.

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