A Review of Omaze’s Dream House: The Good, The Bad, And The Shady

Every once in a while the fundraising platform Omaze makes a big splash when it announces its sweepstakes which enable users to donate for a noble cause while at the same time getting a chance to meet celebrities or win extraordinary prizes. We’ve all seen stories of people winning cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, or even palatial dream houses, like the one in Orlando which was a part of their previous fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Omaze is back with another fundraiser and with it, another chance to win a dream house, this time, in Austin, Texas. According to Omaze’s website, the fundraiser will support the charity “Folds of Honor” which provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of American veterans who have either fallen, or are disabled. This review of Omaze’s dream house sweepstakes has got you covered if you’re on the fence about participating in it or donating to the charity. Also continue reading to know all the important details about this dream house.

The Prize

Lets review the prize in question, since that’s what really attracts eyeballs. Omaze claims that one does not need to make a donation at all in order to enter or win the sweepstakes and donating does not increase one’s chances of winning the grand prize. The “Dream House” is located in the extremely sought after Travis Heights neighborhood in Austin. It is a “custom house” made by builders Urban ATX and Davey McEathron Architecture and features high ceilings, hardwood floors, and a bedroom suite with a private patio. Check the complete video of the dream house.

Points to Note

Last date to enter:

10th October, 2021

Winner Announce:

Around 27th October, 2021


The complete donation amount will help the Folds of Honor Foundation which works to make educational scholarships reach the spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled service members.

Approximate Value of Dream House:

$1,899,900 (USD).

Cash Alternative:

$1,330,000 (USD) can be taken in place of the house by the winner.
The Cash Alternative will be paid in twelve (12) installments on a monthly basis.

Important to remember:

  • Always remember to submit a working email address that you check regularly while submitting your entry.
  • The Winner selected via a random draw must respond to the initial winner notification email sent by Omaze within 24 hours of it being sent. If no response is submitted, the winner forfeits his prize automatically and a new winner is selected by Omaze.
  • The winner must immediately also submit the completed Winner Documentation and background check documents as required by Omaze.

Transparency and Cash Alternative.

Omaze isn’t known for its transparency. While the fundraiser’s webpage claims that you have the option for redeeming a cash prize instead of the house, the fine print tells a different story.

The section titled “stuff our lawyers want you to read”, is where the full picture becomes apparent.


  1. The section states that while the winner does have the option to choose between the dream house and a cash prize, the sponsor, i.e. Omaze reserves the right to remove the grand prize altogether for any reason imaginable, requiring the winner to opt for the cash alternative.
  2. The section also explicitly states that all taxes and closing charges, including transfer of ownership is to be borne by the winner. This amounts to paying a considerable amount of money in order to claim the dream house after you win. So, be prepared to shell out the amount.

The Charity and Your Impact Through the Donation.

This is where Omaze gets incredibly vague and perhaps deliberately employs seemingly contradictory, if not convoluted language. While Omaze claims in bold letters that 100 percent of the donations go to the Charities Aid Foundation America (CAF America), which will then grant the donation to Folds of Honor, minus fees and costs. It, however, claims elsewhere in fine print that only 15 percent of the donations go to the charity and Omaze keeps the rest of the money, using it to pay for the dream house. If the idea that merely 15 percent of your donations reach the people in need makes you uncomfortable and suspicious, you might want to consider donating directly to the charity of your choice.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

  • In this review of Omaze’s Dream House fundraiser, we found that
    Like most of Omaze’s other fundraisers, there are a lot of nuances to what’s actually happening to the donation money. While it is understandable that Omaze keeps some money to pay for the dream house (or the cash prize), the impact you make with your donation is considerably diminished.
  • At the same time, you stand to potentially win a beautiful house in a sought after neighborhood in Austin, Texas.
  • It is important to read Omaze’s terms and conditions carefully before using the platform to make donations.

We hope this omaze dream house review helped in delineating certain aspects of Omaze’s Dream House sweepstakes.


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