Are Sweepstakes Alert Legit?

As we know how enticing offers made by the sweepstakes company makes it very difficult for us to ignore such alerts. But, the inner anxiety of whether it is legit or not stays.

Worry no further because we are here to take you out of your doubts so you can go on and have fun. There are many approaches to analyze and evaluate whether the Sweepstakes Alert is legit.

This article will cover a whole host of perspectives to give you an exact idea of authenticity and legitimacy related to sweepstakes alerts.

Here’s our analysis of the Sweepstakes Alert

1) Review of the Company:

The identity of the Sweepstakes website’s owner is crucial, and it is to be checked whether it has been mentioned or not. This can be considered a valid reason because spammers use identity information to send fake emails to unsuspecting users. This issue of non-disclosure also casts doubt on the website’s authenticity. Instead, the company owner who has revealed their identity and their alerts would be preferable because it then puts an end to the doubts about the site’s credibility and authenticity.


2) Registration of Domain Name:

If one goes back to the timeline of the Sweepstakes alert, it is apparent that the website’s domain name was registered many years ago. In general, older websites are more trustworthy and authentic, but on the flip side, it can also be true that scammers sometimes purchase the domain name of existing sites and start duping people. Therefore, it is recommended that along with the domain registration period, other attributes must also be checked to conclude the legitimacy of Sweepstakes Alert. 

3) Access to Website:

Many users have reported difficulty accessing the website. Similar complaints have been voiced by the experts who tried to analyze the website’s contents. This situation might arise from a technical error or some other glitch requiring caution and restraint while assessing the website. 

4) Missing SSL:

By analyzing the technical credentials of the website, the critical safety feature of the SSL certificate is missing. Not having the SSL certificate is a critical flaw; it’s an open invitation for hackers to steal the sensitive information of users visiting the website. Not having this safety feature is a negative point and doesn’t bode well for the legitimacy and authenticity of the website. 

Final Thoughts

Most of the users’ reviews are positive, suggesting the legit stature of the website. Users rated the website relatively high on customer service regarding information display, timely service, and a range of offers. Thus, it is undoubtedly legit, but caution has to be taken to prevent any mishap. 

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